Divergence is one of our most popular and classic collections. They come in a variety of sizes and can be changed to suit your needs. As the table legs move along with the glass top during the extension process, this results in a table with great stability and reliability. If you are looking for a table that will remain timeless for years to come, these are the ones you are looking for.

RF3310DT & RF509DC
RF1028DT & RF0897BDC
RF1018BDT & RF507DC
RF1100DT & RF0897AHDC
RF1093ADT & RF261DC
RF1076DT & RF712DC
RF1075DT & RF230DC
RF1056DT & RF666-1DC
RF1055ADT & RF209BDC
RF1073DT & RF0901DC
RF1017DT & RF661DC
RF1065DT & RF701DC
RF1025-2DT & RF0897ADC
RF1018-3DT & RF303DC
RF1018DT & RF306DC
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